12 Books That Will Give You Trust Issues

Some books have the pesky habit of tearing us apart.

Viciously. But it’s okay, we love them for that. They make us happy! It’s a reminder that we must be out of our minds to like suffering like this.

As an example, there’s those books that take the thing you call trust, half destroy it, and leave you for dead. Then, if they have a sequel, you want it, because why not die a bit more?? It makes sense. It really does. Somehow.

Which means that I have some good news for you! These books? They’ll all betray your trust. And most of them have sequels. It’s a bunch of trust issues just waiting to happen, which I bet you won’t mind.

Also, I’ve added a list of things you won’t be able to trust again after you read them, just for thoroughness’ sake. Because isn’t that what you read for, to become a paranoid hermit who can’t leave the house and therefore gets to read more? Yes, I know all your dark secrets, don’t ask how I found out.

 RED QUEEN by Victoria Aveyard

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Red Queen has one of the most mind-blowing endings I’ve ever read. Sometimes I think maybe I should have seen it coming… But… No. The book lied to me. And *HE* lied to me. And since this is a spoiler free list, there isn’t much more I can say, except for WHYYY, I BELIEVED IN YOU, *PERSON’S NAME*!!

It doesn’t stop there, because Glass Sword (sequel) has even more backstabbing, and it basically teaches you not to trust anyone at all*, like, ever.

“Anyone can betray anyone.”


Things you won’t ever trust again: people in general, and anything Victoria Aveyard writes**.

*Some exceptions are made, to be fair

**By which I mean that she’ll make you care and then kill everything you hold dear

MADE YOU UP by Francesca Zappia

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Why just doubt people, when you can doubt reality itself?

Alex has paranoid schizophrenia, which means you can never completely trust what she thinks is happening. She can’t trust it herself. And still, you end up believing everything! Then something big turns out not to be real, and you’re not sure anything else is real, and what is reality, even, because you don’t know anything anymore.

“Sometimes I think people take reality for granted.”


Things you won’t ever trust again: scoreboards, this book’s ending, fanatic principals, red lobsters, pet snakes and people who trim peonies.



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The Stranger Game really keeps you on your toes. All that suspenseee, you know the whole time that something’s wrong, but what if it isn’t, except it has to be, and… WHAT? Here’s an ending you won’t expect. Because people are keeping big, crazy, dark secrets from you, and you never know who you can trust.

So just… don’t trust anyone.

Things you won’t ever trust again: I’m not sure what this would be. People’s sanity, maybe. That’s something you should doubt in this book.


A DROP OF NIGHT by Stefan Bachmann

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Getting to fly to France to explore an underground palace no one’s set foot on for centuries only sounds fun till you’re trapped in it and almost get killed by a thousand things.

And it doesn’t exactly happen by accident… so maybe be wary of field trips from now on?

Things you won’t ever trust again: underground places, pills, overseas trips paid for by multi-millionaire companies (because that happens to everyone, all the time), French dukes and any room with old-looking things that might be booby-trapped.

INSURGENT by Veronica Roth

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Here’s another book with painful betrayal that will leave you in shock. It’s so… HOW? WHY? NO!!

We’re all just trusting, hopelessly gullible people. Agh.

“People, I have discovered, are layers and layers of secrets.”

(Kay, I just got sidetracked reading quotes… I love this book so much. *dies*)

Things you won’t ever trust again: […]dskjfkejfkadt (Spoilers made illegible. Sorry about that.)


THE OUTLIERS by Kimberly McCreight

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Wylie is suspicious about many things. But the people she happens to trust lie a lot. A LOT! And well, she does quite a few stupid things that I don’t know how she ever thought were a good idea, but… When she gets fooled, you get fooled too. This is the kind of book where you keep thinking you finally know what all that’s happening is about…!! Just to find out you’re wrong. So, so wrong.

But hey, if your best friend texts you saying she’s in big trouble and you think going to find her instead of telling someone is the right thing to do… Please don’t trust yourself.

“They’ll get inside your head…”

Things you won’t ever trust again: nice people at gas stations, tiny town cops, abandoned campsites and research assistants.


MY LADY JANE by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows

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It’s about time you learned not to trust blackberries. And people with eagle noses. They can end your life. Or your reign, if you have one. Or your cousin’s beheading-free existence. So next time you’re about to eat a blackberry tart, or, I don’t know, marry someone off to a horse because your most trusted counselor says so, please read this book, and then just don’t.

Also, history is full of lies.

(Needless to say, this is a pretty crazy book. And, okay,  it doesn’t do much to betray your trust. But it’s the best, so reaaaad it! Just do it. It’ll be good for you.)

Things you won’t ever trust again: blackberry pies, history books, English dukes*, would-be queens, and the senseless notion that ferrets can’t dance.

*Don’t you see, there’s something wrong with dukes

CARAVAL by Stephanie Garber

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As you read this book, you’re going to think you know what’s going on several times. But don’t be fooled. You. Do. Not.

There are so many twists, and so many tricks, and EVERYONE is unreliable. Or most everyone. Exceptions are rare. Which means you’re gonna be lied to, righhht up to the end.

Things you won’t ever trust again: performers, reckless sisters, top hats, dress shops and carousels.



THE MORTALITY DOCTRINE Series, by James Dashner

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Delicious Reads Blog Photos.jpg

It’d be hard to choose just one book from this series to list.

You get the whole package of trust breaking things – betrayals, lies, mind games, cover-ups, shattered plans and huge plot twists. Also, another chance to doubt reality! Except this time it’s not about an unreliable narrator. It’s the whole world you can’t trust.

“Who knows the true definition of real?”

Things you won’t ever trust again: helpful men in the woods, virtual reality, AIs, security agencies, maybe whether you’re human or not (are you?).


ENDER’S GAME by Orson Scott Card

[Goodreads] [Buy]


I almost didn’t think of listing this book, and I don’t know how, because… It’s the master of all lies. So cruel. It’ll destroy you. AND YET I LOVE IT SO SO MUCH shh control yourself.

So if you want a book with mind games, strategy, brilliant people, destroyed childhoods, a whole bunch of shocking things and cruel secrets, just grab this one. Yeah, go do it now.

Things you won’t ever trust again: humans. That’s it.


 THE MAZE RUNNER Series, by James Dashner

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Another series by James Dashner! Of course, this is because he’s a genius at fooling people, not because I’m obsessed with his books or something. Heh… Why would you think that?

Anyway. Where do I even start. There are so many betrayals, broken promises and lies in these books. Mind games, people lying their way into your head, cunning, madness, and death! How can you ever trust anything in a book, when all your favorite people just. Keep. Dying?? The Fever Code is particularly evil and mind twisting, because even though it’s a prequel, it manages to destroy whatever you believed in all the other books. Which is why, you can’t make the mistake of reading it first. It’ll ruin everything. Stick to publication order. You’ve been warned.

Things you won’t ever trust again: the government (dun dun dun dunnn), mazes, ironic acronyms, and anyone who ever wants you to change your name.


And as a bonus of things you can’t trust there’s… Me! This list does not have 12 books. The title’s a lie. Muahahaha, I’m clearly evil.

(I gave you two series to make up for it though. Because I’m evil and nice.)


Let's talk!

Do you like books that tear your feelings appart? Which ones have betrayed your trust? And how close are you to becoming a paranoid hermit?

Also, happy national ice cream day! Go eat some, I think it’s mandated by law.


13 thoughts on “12 Books That Will Give You Trust Issues

Add yours

  1. I absolutely LOVE when books betray my trust!! I FEEL SO RAGEY BUT ALSO SO APPRECIATIVE.😂 Like Allegedly by Tiffany D. Jackson?!? Omgggggg I literally felt TRICKED at the end so bad I had to sit down and feel offended at that mound of paper. And also Dangerous Girls? Still trying to recover from that one.

    Also 100% YES to Ender’s Game! And James Dashner is cruel in the best possible way.😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES! Ragey and so very confused 😂 You don’t know whether to hate what just happened or hug the book until you die 😯 I haven’t read those! I’ll definitely check them out 😀


  2. THE RED QUEEN %$)**#^$^

    I really feel like I SHOULD have seen that ending too, and I didn’t, and GAHHHHhhhhh. Thankyou.

    Daughter of the Burning City faked me out a few times and I was moderately displeased at the time, but not “let’s throw the book at the wall, shall we?” Well that’s not true. I felt that way ONCE but then got what I wanted hahahaha.


    I read a lot of Tudor Hist/Fic and EVEN THOUGH I KNOW HISTORY I am still murdered by the ENDLESSSSSS betrayals WHYYYY.


    Great list! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We all fall for it, it’s inevitable 😂

      Ohh, I’ve luckily been sparing my wall, but it’s the worst when you expect something and then the book falls short! Not the fun kind of betrayal xD

      Yes! Now that I think of it, it’s hard to find any kings or dukes in books who aren’t just the worst treacherous people 😯

      Thank you!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG RED QUEEN AND ENDER’S GAME. I love both of those books so much so I’m so glad to see them on your list here. 🙂 I’d also add Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas to the list if you’ve read it. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I haven’t read any of these books yet, and im not sure i want trust issues… But i also want to read them!
    I really want to read Caraval, that one sounds like fun.

    Twists and unexpected happenings are something i love after i have read a book. I will sit and think wow i never saw that happening, but during im just like noooooo…

    Thanks for this post..


    Charlotte Dawson xx

    Liked by 1 person

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