I AM NOT DEAD (+YA people who might have lost their minds)

FIRST OFF! Yes, I know that title makes no sense.

And second… Hi!! I may or may not have been gone for 3 whole months. Without warning. Without plausible explanation. And without leaving chocolate behind to make up for it. But I’m not cruel, okay?  You can have the chocolate now. And the explanation.

So let’s get the obvious out of the way… I wasn’t taking over the world while I was gone. That’s good news, because ruling sounds like a lot of trouble to me. So the much less exciting reason for my vanishing is…  I just couldn’t keep up. Because my life went crazy. how ironic, now it’s just like me

Let me give you a quick summary of what that looks like: college, wild deadlines, work, exams, freakouts, tiredness, a trip, getting sick a bajillion times, lots of essays, workout deprivation, more work, mood changes, so many cats and constant lack of sleep. I finally started having more time about a month ago, and tried to write this once or twice… but then my brain just didn’t want to. Shame on it.

So here we are, yet another month later! I thought it’d be nice to come and tell you I’m still alive, even though my Goodreads challenge is not. I’ve read 12 books all year. There’s something wrong here.

But enough about my suddenly insane life. Let’s talk about book people with insane lives.

You thought I’d make this into a life update post and leave all bookish stuff aside? Wrong wrong wrong. There are no life updates here. I’m a mysterious person, and I wrote this while lurking in the dark. (What a joke, I’ll do the Who Am I tag soon) (Also, I need a backlit keyboard, wgat an I evem tiping ahjshjsfh).

So here we go. People who had their lives turned upside down without warning, and somehow didn’t lose their minds, or maybe they did. There’s also a poll at the end where you can vote who has it craziest. Don’t vote yourself or I might worry about you.

(No important spoilers, read care-free and wild)


Kyle (#Famous)

Let’s start with a silly one. Kyle’s working at the Burger Barn like he usually does, when a girl he sort of knows from school takes a picture of him, posts it online, and he becomes insta-famous. For no apparent reason. Obviously, Kyle is really confused, and is suddenly being swarmed by crazy people and reporters, while everything in his life gets messy. Then his mom is pushing him to take advantage of the whole fame thing for college, he gets suspended from work, is invited to a talk show, starts getting close with the girl who took the picture, and everything just keeps going from bad to worse with everyone he knows while he has a sort-of life crisis and questions everything he’s ever done and wanted.

Also, texting misunderstandings. There are so many of those.


Celaena Sardothien (Throne of Glass)

I’m not sure there was a single moment of Celaena’s life that wasn’t crazy, but let’s just stick to the few months of the first book. Basically… She has to come back from starvation, train for a competition she doesn’t want to be in, try to find a way to escape from a dungeon palace, deal with a crazy jealous lady trying to get rid of her, be surrounded by random savage deaths, fight monster things, show 23 brutes who’s the boss without drawing too much attention, and try not to kill just about everyone she meets.

She did eat a lot of chocolate one time, though. That’s what got her through it all.


Jason (Magonia)

This book is really, really, really… really odd. But it’s also interesting. And odd. I probably liked it while also being confused. Anyway… The main character’s life is the one that becomes craziest, BUT I like Jason better, so he’s getting the spotlight right now.

So Jason has a best friend called Aza. And she’s sick. And he loves her. And then… she dies, except she’s not dead, she’s on a ship in the sky. And she’s not really human. She has a bird in her lung, and blue skin, and the ship’s captain is her mom, which she had no idea about. Baaack on the normal world, Jason’s losing it, and grieving and his OCD is getting worse, until one day he sees a flying ship and hears Aza trying to call out to him. So of course, he wants to find her, which gets him into a mess and leads to fighting a mercenary, seeing weird things in the sky, flying to the Arctic, almost dying in a flood, and finally finding Aza, who realized she loves him back and could potentially destroy the world agaisnt her will.

I’d call that crazy.


Eadlyn Schreave (The Heir & The Crown)

Forget running a country that’s falling apart – this girl’s real problem is having to choose a husband out of 35 strangers. Because someone… Thought this would be a good idea. Somehow. Add a runaway twin, violent protests, heart attack in the family, lots of paperwork, backstabbers, and boom. She’s throwing up from the stress of it.

You can’t even blame her for trying to scare the guys away.


Jane Grey (My Lady Jane)

And to finish on another silly note, we have Jane, the girl who had to abandon her calm life of reading to marry a guy who turns into a horse, be plunged into a throne conspiracy, become queen overnight, escape beheading, accidentally turn into a ferret, face a pack of dangerous rogues and storm a fortified castle to get huge-nose Dudley and evil Mary away from the crown.

And do you know what happens when you drag a girl away from her books? She has an angry pillow fight with her husband. That’s what.


Insane poll











What can you expect next?

I will hopefully not vanish again anytime soon, so here’s what you can expect to see around here:

  • The Rainbow Book Tag – which Iris tagged me for, like, 2 centuries ago. Please visit her blog so she can forgive me 😬
  • Mini reviews – not sharing the theme just yet!
  • Worst and funniest fights in YA – because why not
  • The Who Am I Tag – so you can finally know who this mysterious cool person is 😎

And if there’s anything you’d like me to write about, just shout at me over on Twitter (@bookstormgirl) or in the comments, I’ll see it and yell back at you.

Let's talk!

Who would you add to the list? Does your life ever lose it’s mind and try to make you lose yours?? How’d you do on your Goodreads challenge this year?

Also, Happy New Year! Since it’s January 1st. My timing’s great.


4 thoughts on “I AM NOT DEAD (+YA people who might have lost their minds)

Add yours

  1. Yay happy being back to blogging! *throws cake crumbs at you* And omg I laugh so much because YA characters DO have the most insane lives.😂 I really can’t complain about mine after all the wildness they go through omg (and yes Magonia was such a weird book right?!) And my life absolutely always loses it’s mind. It’s like it’s #1 goal of ever. *runs about trying to piece self back together*

    Happy new year!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahaha this was so much fun to read XD I missed these posts of yours and I’m so glad you’re back ❤ These guys and gals certainly have crazy lives and I wouldn't want to be in their shoes… Well, not all the time anyway. Sometimes it could be fun!
    I'm planning to read #Famous soon and also My Lady Jane. Hopefully they're a hit!
    Pretty cool post 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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