Who Am I (and other mildly mysterious things)

It’s time I stopped being a mysterious queen of shadows!

Pshhh, kidding, that would never happen. But I’ve been blogging for what… 7 months now? And there hasn’t been a proper nice to meet you. So grab a cup of coffee! I’m about to be slightly less… mysterious.

I stole this tag from Claire @Bookscoffeeandrepeat (yes, visit her blog!) and left some cookies in its place. Do you think she’ll like those??


Meaning of my name?

Okay, I’m not an electric thunderstorm of hardcovers. Doubt that’s shocking at all. So now you get to know my real name, yet it’s almost as rare as a book storm would be??

So yep, it’s Luana. I’m never sure if I love it or not quite. The name is German, and means graceful maiden warrior, whiiiich I do like a lot.

Myers-Briggs personality? (link)


Last time I took the test I got Protagonist, which didn’t seem right. They’re similar in some ways, but the Campaigner makes sooo much more sense. It’s funny how right these profiles can be…

Some things that are spot-on: independent, can’t stand repetition and boredom, both introverted and extraverted, adventurous, easily stressed and overwhelmed, curious, emotional, creative and a people person. It also says I’m irresistibly charming! *cough* I wouldn’t go that far *cough*

Zodiac Sign?


Hogwarts House? (link)


I mightttt be a bit of a Gryffinclaw (Pottermore’s sorted me into both houses), but I think the Gryffindor side wins. This quiz agrees.

Gryffindor – 12
Hufflepuff – 11
Ravenclaw – 11
Slytherin – 8

Learning style? (link)

Multimodal – but more into reading and doing.

  • Visual 10
  • Aural 7
  • Read/Write 12
  • Kinesthetic 12

Right brained or left brained? (link)


So obviously this isn’t how brains really work… But okay.

Blood type?

A+. Now if a bear ever attacks me, you know if you can save me or not. (Not likely but… Better safe than sorry).


19. Bound to change in 7 days. *strangled cry*

Career I’m meant to have? (link)

I got writer. But the quiz made me choose between Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. And that’s just rude.

Divergent faction? (link)

Related image

Well, I must be extremely Divergent, because that’s what I get in every single quiz there is (not that I’ve taken too many… maybe 3?). Even in Veronica Roth’s quiz in “The World of Divergent“, and that one doesn’t even have Divergent as an option. I just got tied scores for Dauntless and Erudite. Which seems similar to the Gryffinclaw situation?

But anyway. I would definitely choose dauntless. So that one it is.


I tag you!

Sophie @Blame ChocolateEvelina @Avalinahs Books, Kristina @Books and DachshundsCamilla @Reader in the atticLillian @ Inky Insanity, It’s Lu AgainIlsa @ A Whisper Of Ink

No pressure to do it

Let's talk!

What are some of your answers for this tag? Have you ever been sorted into 2 houses? And would you save me after a bear attack??? (important question here)

19 thoughts on “Who Am I (and other mildly mysterious things)

Add yours

  1. OH OH OH okay I love this ! Thank you for the tag (casually and randomly saw it appear on my notification) and will SO do this, thanks alot for the links 😄I have one day left in this month I still had nothing on, so now I do ! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well happy upcoming birthday 🙂
    Aww, thanks for tagging me! The blog is just plugged up in terms of content, but I’ll answer stuff here! I’m a Hufflepuff 🙂 as for my personality type, it’s actually changing between two every – years – always the same ending letters (which I can never remember xD), but switching between E and I (I must be in the middle and I keep shifting here and there depending on the circumstance). So I’ve been both extroverted and introverted in my life xD fun huh xD and I’m an A-! What else… I already have a career in digital marketing, so I don’t know what else I’d be 😀 and I either didn’t read Divergent, or just didn’t like it (one of those..) so I can’t tell you the faction, haha 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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