Dangerous Girls || Lies, murder and… dangerous girls

Yes, I’m finally writing a review!

These are rare around here. Probably because of how likely I am to turn them into unintelligible screams no one would understand. But I’m trying, okay?? This is as scream-free as you can get (hahaha, maybe not, okay, it really isn’t).

I have to admit, I was reluctant to read Dangerous Girls at first, but Cait and Zoe shoved the book into my face with obvious intentions of attacking my feelings?? So how could I not trust them.

And AGH THEY WERE SO SO RIGHT ABOUT IT!!! (whyyes, I’m screaming already). This book is so cruel. It’s great.


My thoughts

● The story goes back and forth between the present and 2 or 3 or 4 other different times, and I just love it.

Everything is out of order. Which is something that could get confusing pretty easily, but it doesn’t – it all connects so perfectly, and keeps you guessing all the time. You never have all the details at once, THEN WHEN YOU FINALLY DO IT’S SCARY.

● The characters are awesome. And terrible. Contradicting, I know.

Anna and Elise are so perfect one moment, and so very messed up the next. Because things are told out of order with months or years between them, you get to see different sides to everyone and how much they change over time. And there are hints that something wrong is going on with them, BUT NO, HOW COULD IT BE THAT VERY WRONG, this shouldn’t happen ;_;

● I was not a fan of the partying.

Drinking, drugs, wild parties, hookups, these people are living crazy lives, and I can’t say that’s my favorite thing to read about?? But I liked how they weren’t just reckless teen tropes – you get to know how they started to let the bad things happen, why they acted the way they did, and how wrecked their lives were even when they seemed perfect to everyone else. So if anything, they’re actual human beings. Who make some really really bad choices. That completely tear them apart.

● I WAS SO MAD ALL THE TIME!!! AT SO MANY PEOPLE!!! Which is marvelous. *cough*

You know it’s a well written book when it can make you upset. At what’s happening, that is. If you’re mad at the book, just throw it out the window (wait, wait, let’s rethink this, bad idea, just don’t). And OH BOY. There’s so much to be upset about in this book. Everyone is so awful. What is this life.

● That. ENDING. So twisted. I got played.

You don’t find out who’s guilty until the very end, and it’s so shocking. No answer seems good enough until then. And yes, I did consider the right one a few times, but… IT SEEMED SO IMPOSSIBLE. IT SHOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE.

I have to say, I actually hated the very last scene… So I’ll just pretend it doesn’t exist. Everything else is good and cruel and chilling.


The verdict

YES!!! I mean… Sure. It was good. I’m fine.

(also, yay for it taking me out of a big reading slump)


About the book

Image result for dangerous girls

Elise is dead. And someone must pay.

Anna, her boyfriend Tate, best friend Elise and a group of close friends set off on a debaucherous Spring Break trip to Aruba. But paradise soon turns into a living nightmare when Elise is brutally murdered.

Soon Anna finds herself trapped in a foreign country and fighting for her freedom. As she awaits the judge’s decree, it becomes clear that everyone is questioning her innocence. To the rest of the world, Anna isn’t just guilty, but dangerous. As the court case unfolds the truth is about to come out, and it’s more shocking than you could ever imagine…


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Let's talk!

Have you read or do you want to read this book?? And how do you feel about books that lie to you and tear you apart?!?

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  1. AHHHH SO GLAD YOU READ THIS! It’s honestly one of my favourite ever thrillers. Although it’s kind of ruined me for a LOT of others because now I always guess the plot twists.😂 But since it was my first time with this kind of twist??? I was like holy heck. *falls off chair* 😂😂

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