The Re-Re-Re-Rereads Ranking

Here I am, doing a Top Ten Tuesday post on a Saturday, three weeks late, and completely different from what the prompt asks.

This is what thorough rule-breaking looks like.

So here’s the thing… I don’t really reread books. Not anymore. I used to a lot! But now with so many new things to read (that is, my tbr trying to kill me) it just doesn’t make sense to reread most of the time. I *am* thinking about doing it again sometime soon… But more on that later. Back to the matter at hand:

I have reread books an absurd number of times in the past.

Specially the biggest ones I own. I just kept picking them up again, whenever I had nothing new to read and no planned trips to the library.

So instead of listing books I could reread forever (read as: doing the TTT prompt properly), I thought I’d give you a somewhat sketchy ranking of *not exactly* all the books I’ve ever reread.

My memory is not going to cooperate. You’ve been warned.


The Half Rereads

I must have started The Little Prince about a dozen times without ever finishing it when I was little, until one day I finally read through all of it. And I started reading  The Invention of Hugo Cabret for the second time at a bookstore, theeeen only got halfway through before I had to go and leave the poor thing unfinished.

So they both join the ranking at 1.5 times read.

157993     9673436


Narnian Loops

I’ve read each of the Narnia books at least twice, some of them more times. The Silver Chair is probably the one I’ve read the most. But… I’d fail at listing accurate numbers.

Related imageRelated imageImage result for narnia the horse and his boy book coverRelated imageImage result for narnia voyage of the dawn treader book coverImage result for narnia silver chair book coverRelated image


The Double Reads

These are books I’m actually sure I’ve read exactly twice. The Alchemist and Romeo and Juliet were assigned for school after I’d already read them, and I didn’t remember a lot from Eon, so I figured I’d pick it up again. The Maze Runner Files wasss, just a whim I suppose. It’s only 50 pages long.

12107847  18111770  865  18135


The Half Forgotten Rereads

HERE COME THE MEMORY ISSUES. I’ve read all of these books either 2 or 3 times. Maybe 4. Or 269. Nobody knows.

So we have City of Beasts, wich I got from the library a few times, The Princess Bride, with it’s now fading paint on the cover (HELP), Inkheart, George’s Secret Key to Universe, Kadingir: The Scepter of Zink, 4 or 5 different The Famous Five books, and a gazillion children books that I… couldn’t… possibly list.

149169  9525672  1480078  Image result for la clave secreta del universo libro  4169117  17488


The Completely Forgotten Rereads

Oh, I forgot what I needed to put here. Have a puppy.

Related image


Spellbound rereads

I didn’t get to reread most of the Harry Potter books because I got them from the library (though I *think* I may have reread The Order of The Phoenix… I’ve surely beed mad at Dolores Umbrige more than once), BUT I actually own the last two, and I *may* have loved them a tad too much?? 7 times each. Bye.

1   136251


The Golden Winner

Aaaand The Mysterious Benedict Society takes the prize at 8 times read. Two of the rereads were back to back. I actually finished it, closed it, and opened it right back up at the beginning. (I had nothing else to read right then, okay? But guess who complained. Not me). I’d have stopped rereading it by the seventh time, but then my family did a group reading thing, and guess which book we chose. Dis one. And so it tops the ranking.



Likeliest To Be Reread

And to do at leasssst one thing like the prompt asks… I could reread Ender’s Game forever. I *almost* reread it by accident a while ago while looking for a quote in it (oh yeah, reading by accident is a thing), so I’m actually considering reading it soon. Just, not 7 times… Such things won’t happen again.

Image result for ender's game book cover

Let's talk!

Do you like to reread  books? Know any of my ranked rereads? Which book would you read over and over again?


15 thoughts on “The Re-Re-Re-Rereads Ranking

Add yours

  1. I used to reread a lot of books but now, I have the same issue as you where I have too many books on my TBR and not enough time to get through those, let alone reread other books! I’ve definitely read the Narnia series and Harry Potter series multiple times!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OH ! I love the kind of ranking thing you got going on there !
    Although I have pleenty of unread books on my shelf … I do re-read alot, I just LOVE them so much I wanna throw myself in that universe again. and sometimes you just.. feeels for this ONE book you read too many times #StrugglesOfAMoodreader

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I definitely reread a lot…probably more than I should. I have to limit myself sometimes. Even though my tbr only grows longer and longer, I love revisiting books I’ve loved in the past! Harry Potter is probably the number one offender for this lol 🙂 I’ve also read The Mysterious Benedict Society sooo many times, but it’s been years since the last time! It’s such a great book.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so tempted to sometimes, specially when reading favorite quotes 😆The last book I reread was The Maze Runner files, but before that, it’s been a few years 🙃 Yesss, I loved it so much too xD


  4. Wow that is a lot of re-reads. While I have nothing against re-reads and I even used to love re-reading books earlier, I just do not get the time anymore to revisit a books with all the new books on hand. I agree this is a problem many of us will have sooner or later.

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  5. I love this! I reread a bit but not too much because there are so many unread books in the world as well. I have to say I haven’t even read through Narnia all the way for the first time round, but I am getting there. I absolutely LOVE Ender’s Game. It’s my fave sci-fi novel so I totally get where you are coming from. I also really loved Romeo and Juliet, The Alchemist and The Little Prince so I can see how they were rereads.

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