Harry Potter Anniversary Week – DAY 6!

It’s day 6 of the Harry Potter Anniversary Week!

As you can see, I had to skip 4 days of it… Because I’m at the beach!! Which is awesome!! I can’t write a lot here, though, and since I didn’t write these posts ahead for yet another set of reasons… well, here we are. I might go back to previous days of the event later on, aaand you’ll probably get Day 7 after the whole thing is officially over! Better late than never. The tradeoff is surely nice.

And of course, if you want to join the event, there’s still time! So don’t forget to check out Margaret’s post… And have fun 😉


DAY 6 – Wildcard!

Today we can do absolutely whatever we want, so I’m making up my own tag! This one’s about all the things you’d like to do if you were a witch or wizard (ok, maybe not all the things? i mean, there are too many…). I’ll just call it… The Harry Potter Bucket List tag. Feel free to try it out if you want, and link me to your own Wildcard posts so I can see them!


Okay, to start this off! You’re at Diagon Alley before your Hogwarts year… What 5 stores do you want to visit the most?

First off, Ollivanders! Flourish & Blott’s for the magic books, Magical Menagerie for pets and supplies… Then Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes! And… Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour. Can’t say no to ice cream.

Image result for pottermore diagon alley

The school year’s starting! What 5 subjects are you dying to take?

Apparition!!! I want to magically travel all the time, thank you very much. Also, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Potions, and Care of Magical Creatures. I’d say flying, but I might just learn that out of class.

Image result for pottermore hogwarts

What are the top 5 spells you want to learn?

I’d very much like to have a Patronus (now that I know it’s a fox!), and apparition is a must for the aforementioned reasons. Also, Expelliarmus, Lumos, and… Accio… Which might seem a tad lazy… But also extremely useful…

Image result for pottermore spell

What magical foods would you love to try?

Funnily enough, aside from the wizarding world food we muggles also have access to (which is, by the way, still amazing), most of the stuff I can think of is rather dangerous. Like… Acid lollipops and earwax flavored Bertie Bott’s beans? I’ll pass. But of course, there’s also chocolate frogs, butterbeer, cauldron cakes, and just anything served at the Great Hall, so I’m going to go with that.

Image result for pottermore food

What Hogwarts textbooks would you like to read/have access to?

The Monster Book of Monsters! I bet it’s fun… If you know how to handle it… Also, The Handbook of Hippogriff Psychology, just because it sounds cool, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Advanced Potion-Making… The Half-Blood Prince’s annotated version… Please and thank you… I’d like to take a look at Voyages with Vampires by Gilderoy Lockhart too. For the laughs, you know. And, well, it is the (mostly) real story of some poor amnesiac wizard who’s now sitting at St. Mungo’s, so there must be something cool to it… Behind the endless bragging… And unbearable “charm”…

Image result for pottermore library

What 5 magical creatures do you most want to see?

Hippogriffs, dragons, phoenixes, and the Forbidden Forest’s centaurs and unicorns. I mean… This list could go on and on. There’s the Thunderbirds, occamies, merpeople, nifflers… !!! I’d like to see a Thestral, but the requirement is too unpleasant.

Image result for pottermore magical creature

What 5 magical places do you want to visit the most?

Appart from Hogwarts and Diagon Alley (I mean… of course…), I’d like to go to Hogsmeade, Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, The Burrow, the Ministry of Magic, and either Ilvermorny or the Beauxbatons Academy (can it be both? I’d go to both).

Related image

What 5 parties or celebrations would you like to attend?

I’d love to be at the Weasley’s Burrow for Christmas! Also, the Yule ball, Halloween at Hogwarts, Fleur’s wedding… And the Gryffindor victory parties after a House Cup win! I should also mention Headless Nick’s Deathday party… It’d probably be awkward for anyone who’s not dead… but a cool thing to see nonetheless.

Image result for pottermore yule ball

And lastly… What 5 magical things do you want to do the most?

Go to a Quidditch World Cup! With the Weasleys, if possible. Also, play quidditch myself, take part in the Triwizard Tournament (ha, I’m crazy), fly on a hippogriff and use the Floo network. Attending Hogwarts is a given. Wait, can I add playing magic chess? and, you know, just about a thousand other things

Image result for pottermore quidditch world cup


I tag you!

Okay, I’m tagging people! Once again, I’m not sure of who is or isn’t a Harry Potter fan, so just join in if you want (even if I haven’t tagged you 😉). Make sure to link back so I can see it, and have fun!!

• Amber @TheLiteraryPhoenix • Gayathri @ElgeeWrites • Lu @It’sLuAgain • Ilsa @AWhisperofInk • James @UpwithaBook •  Anthony @KeepReadingForward • Heather @TheSassyBookGeek • SB @SadieBWriter


I may or may not be on hiatus until I’m back home, but tell me!!! Would you go to the Quidditch World cup? What would you most want to do if you could attend Hogwarts?? And, ice cream… Is it a mandatory Diagon Alley stop… or nah?? (important question right there)

(all illustrations come from Pottermore)


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  1. Hello, thanks for the tag and I dropped in to do this tag as soon as I got the message. But unfortunately all I know about the HP series are from the memes and Tumblr. Yes I somehow missed the memo, I have never read the books or watched the movies (*GASP* I know). Some day soon!

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