Anything But Scary – A failed Halloween story

YOU'VE JUST ENTERED YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE AND YOU'LL NEVER GET OUT OF HERE ALI-- Okay, hi. Hello. How are you. That was... Somewhat intense. But it's Halloween, so intense IS ACTUALLY ALL YOU GET!! I'm sorry, and you're welcome. Happy Halloween. You may or may not have noticed that I've been gone for... All of... Continue Reading →


Torturous This or That Tag (feat. hard choices and a guest)

I was given the chance of wearing a pirate hat and feeling nefarious, and I obviously couldn’t pass it up! It's a really nice way of spending your Saturday afternoon, but I’ll explain that in a second... because, FIRST!!! I actually invited someone to pirate with me. And go through some harmless torture. Fun stuff.... Continue Reading →

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