Anything But Scary – A failed Halloween story

YOU'VE JUST ENTERED YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE AND YOU'LL NEVER GET OUT OF HERE ALI-- Okay, hi. Hello. How are you. That was... Somewhat intense. But it's Halloween, so intense IS ACTUALLY ALL YOU GET!! I'm sorry, and you're welcome. Happy Halloween. You may or may not have noticed that I've been gone for... All of... Continue Reading →


I’d like to see your spam

Well, this is a very improvised quick post. Poor miserable thing. So small, yet so full of nonsense. But let me explain what's going on - the last two weeks have been crazy busy. I've been trying to get a new post up, but JUST CAN'T FIND THE TIME TO FINISH IT!! I'll try again this weekend, so wish... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter Anniversary Week – DAY 1!!

Harry Potter is turning 21, and we're celebrating!! Hiiii everyone!!! I'm finishing up this post in a hurry, it's been a couple wild days for me AND THERE'S NO TIME FOR ANYTHING. But!!! On June 26th, it'll be 21 years since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published in the UK, and Margaret @WeirdZeal had... Continue Reading →

A Handy Guide To Death By Books

Books are dangerous things. Don't believe me? Hold on. I'll throw some proof at you ☠️☠️ Source: Paperfury Lord Walsingham’s servants found him in bed one morning in 1831, burnt to a crisp. The Family Monitor assigned Lord Walsingham a trendy death. He must have fallen asleep reading in bed, its editors concluded, a notorious practice that was practically synonymous... Continue Reading →

The Re-Re-Re-Rereads Ranking

Here I am, doing a Top Ten Tuesday post on a Saturday, three weeks late, and completely different from what the prompt asks. This is what thorough rule-breaking looks like. So here's the thing... I don't really reread books. Not anymore. I used to a lot! But now with so many new things to read... Continue Reading →

Chatbot meets YA

YA is full of amazingly odd lines. You know, random sentences, funny quips, crazy talk - Things that would be pretty strange if you blurted them out at someone out of context. So you know what I just did? I blurted them out out of context. At a chatterbot. Okay, let me backtrack a little... Continue Reading →

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