Welcome To The Madness (random screams, things that happen, and whatnot)

This is just to say... Last year didn't kill me. Woot. I've been spontaneously disappearing for about two centuries and a half, so I thought I'd come and give a few random shouts about things before we get back to regular business. Not that regular business is too different from random shouts. That's... All we... Continue Reading →


A Quick Catch-Up (feat. near-fainting, hecticness and the beach)

Hi, hello, how's it going?! These last weeks have been rather wild, and I haven't been around here much? And half the year's gone now? And I missed my blog's first anniversary? Stuff's been happening, it seems, so, first... Have some cake. It's most likely not stale. And second! It's been a while since I last wrote a catch-up post. So guess what...  This... Continue Reading →

Things are happening (as usual)

Things are happening! As they usually do. No surprise there. But of course, I'm going to tell you about them! So BEAR WITH ME as I babble about everything and spread emojis all over the floor. I'm short on time... Again THE BUSY LIFE IS BACK. Right now, it's either slacking on the murder attempts, or... Continue Reading →

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