A Call To Arms

*Taps the mic* Is this thing on? No? Okay, we don't need it, I'll just scream from the top of this statue. Here's the thing. This isn't a regular post, and in a couple days, it'll have disappeared from the face of the planet. But some stuff needs to be known right now. So if... Continue Reading →

Confessions Of A Were-Writer

For the sake of mystery, you must know, I have many dark secrets. And I'm aware that sounds like nonsense, BUT, 1) there's stuff about me you'd have never guessed, and 2) that stuff is lurking with me in the shadows of this dark room, which makes it some kind of dark and nefarious. Nevermind... Continue Reading →

The Weirdest Book I’ve Ever Read

Weird books can be pretty awesome. What a shocking thing for someone as normal as me to say, I know, but hang on. I'll give you examples. You need to know exactly what kind of thing I'm talking about. My Lady Jane is completely insane... And hilarious. There's just something about horse weddings that makes... Continue Reading →

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