Want to see my crazy infecting other parts of the internet?

I’ve got you covered. Here are bits of my writing in the wild, and sneaky appearances on other people’s blogs. Go on and choose a portal.


Living with Tourette’s – Guest Essay

A little something about how I found out I have Tourette Syndrome. Features olde-time stories, tics, and a serious lack of ice cream.


Becoming Clickbait – Featured

You hear that scream? Yeah, it’s me dying. Oh, sorry, was that a spoiler?

Analysis of “Becoming Clickbait” – Featured

Excuses for why I had to die, cool story explanations, and a shining testament to my madness.

For Sunshine And Glory – Featured

Um, me dying again? Do you notice a trend here? Anyone?

How to Survive a McGuestpost – Guest Post

OH, I’M DONE, ENOUGH DYING. I’m fighting back with a sassy guest post. Or… or… Okay, I died again.


Bookish This or That Tag – Collab

My friend Iris and I volunteering for torture. What’s not to like.


When You Feel Like It’s Your FaultGuest Post

A post about guilt trips, clumsy brains, and knowing that things are okay if you don’t have an alien virus.


Advice for Overcoming Perfectionism – Collab

A lil paragraph from me, and cool tips from 13 other creative people on how to stop punching yourself in the face. You know, in case you do that.

The Book Bratz

Review: A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab – Guest Post

Look at that, me screaming on the Book Bratz blog! A very messy review, as per usual.

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