Day of The Dragon (feat. young oldness and all my darkest secrets)

Look, once in a while, some strange things happen. The moon turns blue and then it's suddenly on fire, white stags run on lava creeks, and someone decides that it's a good idea to eat Oreos for breakfast. That someone totally wasn't me... But weirder still is when a dragon like me gets a year older... Continue Reading →


Unwilling Love Stories (feat. disastrously random matchmaking)

It's Valentine's Day! Love is in the air, or something! And, I'm probably the 147th person to remind you of this, so let's just... eat chocolate and write weird love stories. Look, before anything else, I should say, I'm sorry for some of the things that are about to go down in this post.  If... Continue Reading →

Mid-Year Freakouts

We've come to the point where half the year is gone, and never mind that there's another whole half left*, it feels like it's ending already. So it's only appropriate to freak out. That's what we're doing now. *and, yes, August is ending now, it's definitely not the middle of the year anymore, and this... Continue Reading →

I’d like to see your spam

Well, this is a very improvised quick post. Poor miserable thing. So small, yet so full of nonsense. But let me explain what's going on - the last two weeks have been crazy busy. I've been trying to get a new post up, but JUST CAN'T FIND THE TIME TO FINISH IT!! I'll try again this weekend, so wish... Continue Reading →

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