Have I been kidnapped? Yes

Ah, yes, it's that time again when I explain why you were forced to forget about me by mysterious hooded figures in the night. It's kind of a funny story, okay? I had to be away for a while with no warning - you know, it happens - and I didn't want you to worry too much... Continue Reading →

A Call To Arms

*Taps the mic* Is this thing on? No? Okay, we don't need it, I'll just scream from the top of this statue. Here's the thing. This isn't a regular post, and in a couple days, it'll have disappeared from the face of the planet. But some stuff needs to be known right now. So if... Continue Reading →

Hello, I Have Tourette’s

Welcome to the twitchy glade, greenies. I hope this is where the Maze Runner reference ends... Wouldn't want you to get killed by a Griever. Watch your back just in case. As a few of you may know, a couple months ago I sent an essay to Clover Letter, talking about how I found out... Continue Reading →

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